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More claims are filed for auto accidents than any other type of personal injury. Every 14 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers an injury as a result of an auto accident.


If an auto accident occurs and you suffer a serious injury, it's your legal right to be compensated for injury and damages.  Based on the fact that insurance companies routinely attempt to pay as little as possible on an auto accident claim, hiring a lawyer can be invaluable to help you obtain just compensation for costly medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to pain and suffering. We have excellent skills and experience in dealing with insurance companies. We customize our representation through knowledge of how particular insurance companies handle claims and our understanding of the complexities surrounding traffic laws and proving liability. A degree of finesse is required in knowing when to negotiate a settlement and when taking a case to trial will serve a client's best interests. We also employ a network of professionals, including accident reconstructionists, private investigators and expert witnesses (such as physicians and other specialists) when needed, to leverage a favorable outcome.


Michigan Auto Accident Preparation

An auto accident is a very serious and emotional experience. Nobody foresees being involved in a car accident, however there are over twenty million accidents in the United States each and every year. Of course, even the most cautious drivers cannot avoid a car accident and that is why it is most important if you find yourself involved in a Michigan auto accident that you be prepared. It is important to remember that you have many legal rights and you should immediately contact Menczer Law before you ever speak with the insurance company or the person at fault or even your own insurance company. Of course the last thing you should do is sign any paperwork before discussing the matter with an experienced lawyer. Contacting our office, as soon as possible is important,  as there are time limitations in which an injured Michigan auto accident victim has to take action. Your legal rights and the rights of the injured person begin to run from the date of the accident, thus work needs to be started right away.


If you or someone you care deeply about has been involved in a Michigan auto accident please contact us or call our office at (248) 354-9000 for a FREE CONSULTATION. We are here to listen and to guide you with our expertise in this field.


Please find outlined below several guidelines to help you in the event of a Michigan car accident:

  1. Be calm, relax, and never leave the scene of a car accident.
  2. Call the police. Of course, if anyone is injured ask that an ambulance be sent to the scene.
  3. Immediately seek medical attention for even the most serious injuries are not readily apparent.
  4. Obtain any witness accounts of the auto accident and get their names, telephone numbers and any important information that they may have.
  5. If you are struck by and unidentified vehicle immediately make a police report.
  6. There are very important time restraints in these types of cases and the sooner you act the more likely it is that you will preserve any claim that you might have.
  7. Call MENCZER LAW, immediately. This is a complex area of the law and you need an attorney on your side that will fight for you and protect you against anyone who does not have your best interests at heart.

Menczer Law can provide you with the legal advice and guidance you need in dealing with auto accidents. If you would like to speak with a Michigan auto accident lawyer, please call our office at (248) 354-9000. We will arrange a consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney.



We always tell people here at our firm to imagine what it would be like for one of us to jump into your shoes and do your job for even one day. Of course we all know that it would be impossible for you to know the ins and outs of your job better than anyone. The same rules apply here when dealing with the Michigan No-Fault Act. The No-Fault Act is very complex, and there are many, many pitfalls that one can run into if not completely and totally familiar with the nuances of this statute.


In Michigan with every automobile accident there are potentially three different cases.

  • First-Party accident case. This includes all economic losses which will be outlined below.
  • Third-Party recovery.  This includes compensation from the at-fault driver for one's pain and suffering.
  • Damage Claim (mini-tort)

Michigan PIP and/or First-Party benefits:


The Michigan No-Fault Statute 3107 et. seq. explains first party benefits are payable to anyone who suffers an injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of the motor vehicle .......


Outlined below are a few basic concepts for a First Party No-Fault Claim. However, in order for a more expansive and more detailed explanation, please contact Menczer Law at (248) 354-9000. It is important to remember that there are several different potential insurers one can recover from in making a First Party claim, including but not limited to; your own insurer, someone else's insurer and/or the State of Michigan. The specific benefits that one may be entitled to under the Michigan No-Fault Act include the following:


Medical bill reimbursement for life
Under our laws medical coverage continues for life as long as the injuries related to the accident be reasonable and actually incurred.

Wage Loss
The Michigan No-Fault Act allows an individual who was working at the time of the accident or temporarily unemployed to obtain 85% of his or her lost wages. This benefit continues for three years from the date of loss and there is a set maximum amount that one can recover. This amount changes on a yearly basis.


Attendant Care
The Michigan No-Fault Act requires no-fault insurance companies to provide and/or pay for nursing type care. This can include supervision and/or assistance from injuries even while one recovers in their own home.


Replacement Services
The Michigan No-Fault Act provides for a three-year term of essential or replacement type services. These services are paid to help an individual that would have done such activities as cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, changing bed linens, laundry, etc. at a maximum rate of $20.00 per day.


Mileage Reimbursement
Under the Michigan No-Fault Act when one is transported to or from medical appointments the Michigan No-Fault insurer must pay certain monies for mileage and/or provide transportation to the injured person.


For all of these benefits outlined above, serious and complicated issues arise in each case and to make sure that each benefit is maximized completely and fully, it is important to speak with an attorney regarding all of the above immediately following an accident. Again, there is NO FEE for the initial consultation. Feel free to pick up the phone and call Menczer Law at (248) 354-9000 - we are happy to speak with you.


Third Party Negligence Recovery
As indicated above, third party benefits are payable to someone for their pain and suffering. One can file a third party negligence claim against the driver who was negligent, however, recovering in Michigan is extremely difficult. Therefore it is most important that you talk to a lawyer earlier rather than later. To briefly set out what is needed to obtain compensation against a negligent person one must meet the ‘‘Michigan No-Fault Threshold Injury.’’ This is defined as a serious impairment of an important body function, serious disfigurement or scarring, or death. Most often the insurance company who may defend the negligent driver may claim that the injury is not a serious impairment of an important body function.  If you contact Menczer Law we will fight to make sure that the negligent person, or their insurance company, understands fully and completely that you have been injured.


Of course there are several time limitations that one must be made aware of "It is better to seek legal advice too early, rather than too late."


If you or someone you care deeply about has been injured in a serious Motorcycle, Truck wreck, or Car accident, it is important you seek legal advice immediately. Please call our office at (248) 354-9000 or contact Mark Menczer to obtain more information. Again, please remember at our firm we are happy to speak with you, the call is free and more than anything, I will fight for you in the courtroom. Contact Menczer Law for your FREE CONSULTATION.